Understanding The Logic
Of Emotion.

An Experienced Team. A Proven Approach to CX Consulting.

I founded Conga in 2010 to help align companies and their customers. Specifically, to align leadership and employees with their customers’ emotional needs to deliver a superior customer experience. After 20-plus years in senior marketing positions on both the client side and agency side, I had an epiphany: it’s about the experience, stupid!

All the CRM technology and ad campaigns in the world can’t eclipse the lasting feelings we form – positive or negative – from our customer experiences. And it’s those feelings – embedded in our memories – that drive our future behavior.

Our business model not only provides clients senior-level consulting talent, but eliminates the overhead that clients have no choice but to fund in working with multi-layered agencies. Quite simply, you pay only for your consulting team and only when it’s working on your business.

We also believe that how we work with a client is as important as the work we produce. We invite you to meet some of the folks with whom we’ve had the pleasure to work and see that we put as much into the customer experience we deliver as the one we help companies create.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Pat Dawson, CCXP
Principal | CX Strategist


The Conga Consulting Team

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Pat Dawson, CCXP

Principal | CX Strategist, CongaCX

Janese Evans

Janese Evans

Principal & Creativity Leader, Strategic Toolbox

Dayne Petersen

Dayne Petersen

Certified Call Center Consultant,
Call Center Solutions

CongaCX also has strategic alliances with leading research, brand, creative, and call-center consulting firms.


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