Name-Letter Branding

How your name can influence your choices

Published: November, 2009, KelloggInsight – Kellogg School Of Management At Northwestern University

Based on the research of Miguel Brendl, Amitava Chattopadhyay, Brett W. Pelham and Mauricio Carvallo

How would you react if someone told you that your name can influence your everyday choices as well as life-shaping decisions? Would you smile at the idea that Craigs crave a Coke while Peters long for a Pepsi when they are thirsty? Would you say it is just mere coincidence that Lawrence became a lawyer and Judy a judge? Most people indeed consider it ludicrous to think that their name could influence their choices, especially when dealing with major decisions such as selecting a career, a home, or even a partner. Archival data, however, clearly shows that men named Dennis are overrepresented among dentists, and women named Louise are disproportionately likely to move to Louisiana.

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