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If Customer Experience was a math equation, it would look something like this:

   CS (Customer Success)
+ EF (Effort)
+ EM (Emotion)

= CX (Customer Experience)*

Companies don’t lack for focus on Success and Effort. But they often overlook the Emotion their Customer Experience. In fact, it’s the variable where companies consistently score the lowest.* CongaCX’s ACUMEN TM insight catalyst unearths your customers’ emotional wants and needs and make them core to your CX strategy. To order a free case study, see below.

* Temkin & Associates

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CongaCX’s CX strategy lays out the roadmap to your CX destination – the intersection where the experience your customers want and the experience your company delivers align. Our planning galvanizes the organization behind a shared, strategic vision. Our Plan of Action gets companies off the dime and engaged in delivering the experience your customers desire.

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Our CX Design Map connects all the dots and brings your CX strategy to life. Our innovative approach to ideation mines the thinking of client associates, as well as Conga consultants. We engage across departments – Marcom, the call center, HR, IT – to co-design CX plans at ground level. We ensure the right success metrics are in place and use a Balanced Scorecard to track progress and make course corrections.

ACUMEN TM brings new spark and focus to organizations stalled in their customer experience efforts and delivers 4 major benefits.

  • Capitalizes on your existing assets (i.e., journey mapping, Voice of Customer, Customer Sat)
  • Unearths your customers’ emotional wants and needs, critical to achieving true customer loyalty
  • Drives the development of your CX strategy towards a clear destination where the experience desired and the experience offered align
  • Moves a stalled CX initiative into high gear

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To help your company on its CX Journey, we’ve published a FREE design map that spells out our proven 5-phase process we’ve used successfully across industries and companies. Get it now!

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