We’re always grateful for the opportunity to work with
great companies and their leaders. We’re especially proud
when they find our work worth talking about.

“Pat and the CongaCX team have been instrumental in focusing on its CX journey. This was new ground for our organization and the insights from CongaCX’s research and their thoughtful consultation has set the course for us. We believe that the work we have done together with CongaCX will enhance our service and benefit our clients for years to come.”

Mariam Assefa, CEO, Word Education Services

“Pat has a very collaborative, down-to-earth style that gives you a sense that he is more a member of a team than a consultant. The data we were able to gather as a result of the consulting engagement gave us a better lens into understanding the emotional needs of our patients and families; thereby allowing us to focus our improvement efforts in areas that matter most to those we serve.”

Mariane Stefano, VP, Service & Operational Excellence, Nemours Children's Health System

“Pat was an invaluable resource for Medica's customer experience initiative. He assisted us on numerous design teams where he had the ability to quickly grasp the essential details, despite significant complexity. At the same time, he kept focused on the big picture and helped insure that our efforts stayed on track and truly delivered an improved experience.”

Mark Nelson, Director of Marketing & Strategy, Medica

“A critical component of our CX initiatives included field work where Pat spent considerable time with us interacting with store managers, associates and customers. Outside the store, he rode along on deliveries to observe and record details of our interactions with customers in their homes. This holistic approach, as well as Pat’s ability to meaningfully engage with employees and management at all levels, provided a solid foundation for our CX design.”

Melissa Birdsong, former VP/Customer Experience Design, Lowe’s

“We are so grateful to have Pat’s experience, energy and insights as part of the CXPA community. He embodies the attitude so prevalent in this discipline, willing to confront challenges head on in an optimistic and insightful manner. He has a thorough understanding of the customer experience discipline and brings years of experience and best practices to the table.”

Lesley Lykins, Director of Member Engagement, CXPA


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